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Communities grow when you engage with them skillfully. Understanding human psychology and how best to communicate your project’s vision at the right time are key to growing a strong, stable community.

We specialize in helping early-stage projects strengthen trust, grow loyalty, and engage transparently whilst protecting against FUD.

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Scaling solutions

Whilst there’s a lot of focus on L2 scaling solutions for blockchains what are the scaling solutions for your project’s communications?

How will you handle the transition from off-the-cuff posts and tweets when you’ve only got a handful of followers to skillfully navigating public and investor opinion when it’s in the tens of thousands? One poorly chosen post can quickly wipe millions of dollars of value off your market cap.

Having worked in the media for over three decades we know how best to protect your project’s reputation, how to handle crisis management in real-time, how to communicate problems ahead of time, and manage expectations whilst exuding confidence and optimism. The balance is crucial, overhype and under-delivering are as dangerous as self-inflicted FUD.

We have the time to focus on your content, sculpting it from a rough draft to a clean, polished finish. Moreover, we understand the crypto space and stay constantly updated with its latest developments ensuring your content has the air of authenticity and is on the pulse. This frees you to focus on the other key areas of your project’s development.

UK based with a global reach

Human psychology is the same the world over so we ensure your vision communicates global values effectively

Reliably Independent

We aren’t aligned with any investment fund or Key Opinion Leaders. We’re chain agnostic and work for each client’s growth and development. We use organic growth and development rather than large budget marketing campaigns. Our approach harnesses grassroots support to help build and maximize real community growth that stands the test of time.

Crypto Payments

Unlike other agencies, we actually prefer payment in the native token of each client’s project. This allows clients to deploy our services without the need for legacy banking or fundraising. It works in harmony with the tokenomics for each project and also demonstrates our commitment to your long-term success.

Sustainable Growth

We develop bespoke strategies for each client looking at how to develop and maintain their community growth and development. Although strong price action gets immediate attention it vanishes as soon as the inevitable correction occurs. We focus on developing brand loyalty through a greater depth of community engagement and understanding.

What we offer

During our initial client consultation, we provide a communications roadmap, planning deliverable content matched to the needs of your community.

We can provide content for you to publish directly on your project’s medium page that is tailor-made for each client. We never use content scraping or cookie-cutter articles. Everything is handwritten and uniquely relevant to the current market trends and issues.

For clients that require further support, we can set up your medium page and take care of each upload, even providing you with the text of the tweet to announce it via your social channels.

You can post our content confident in the knowledge it’s unique to your project and has the look and feel as if you wrote it yourself. This not only aids organic growth and community loyalty but communicates a higher level of business experience to your investors.

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Organic feels better

When working alongside DJI in the drone industry we discovered that their paid-for advertising budget was minimal. They preferred to concentrate on content, organic growth and development.

DJI understood the importance of community in securing long-term growth. What we learnt there we’ve successfully applied to the crypto space.

Through publishing regular, engaging updates you bring your community on this once-in-a-lifetime journey with you. They reward the value you show them through loyalty and stick with you through thick and thin.

In addition, when you control the cadence and narrative of the content you share you help to protect your project from competitor FUD, an ever-increasing problem in the cryptocurrency space.

Meet the founder

Ian Povey BSc (Hons)

From the age of 16, Ian started working in content creation having several articles published as a freelance journalist. He went on to work for a newspaper in Manchester, England, learning his craft under the guidance of his editor David Taylor who had previously worked as an editor for The Times and Daily Mirror on Fleet Street, London.

In addition to direct engagement with print, radio, and television media corporations Ian has worked on in-house communications and content for a range of commercial clients, NGOs and 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations including the United Nations. He also received a BSC (Hons) degree in Psychology from Manchester Metropolitan University.

During his time working within the UK drone industry his content, and views were used for input to politicians, digital media, drone manufacturers such as DJI, Newcastle University, National Police Air Service, as well as being a subject matter expert for the industry publication, Police Aviation News.

His content has been used both internationally and behind closed doors for briefings, training law enforcement, strategizing approaches to regulators, media engagement, and at times been subject to the UK Offical Secrets Act, and commercial NDAs.

His wide-ranging background, especially having been involved with the drone industry during its time of drawing an increased focus from regulators and law enforcement, places him in a unique position to offer clients within the cryptocurrency space unparalleled guidance and varied content to help achieve their strategic aims for growth, education, adoption, and compliance, ensuring their message remains intact and effective whether communicating to the public, media, or politicians.

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